Warrington Collegiate

  • Service: Recycling, Trade-In
  • Products: Digital Projectors, Overhead Projectors, Screens
  • Volume: 880kg AV Equipment
  • Logistics: Collection and removal from site
  • Value: € 2650 paid

Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin

  • Service: Recycling, Trade-In
  • Products: Digital Projectors, Sound Equipment
  • Volume: 550kg AV Equipment
  • Logistics: Partial disassembly on site and removal
  • Value: € 1525 paid

ZKM - Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe

  • Service: Recycling, Trade-In
  • Products: Digital Projectors
  • Volume: 52 Projectors
  • Logistics: Removal by logistic partner
  • Value: € 2750€ paid

Education - Our solution for educational institutions

rebeam enables educational institutions to recycle old equipment in a sustainable way and at the same time to receive capital for new acquisitions.

Our Trade-In program for educational institutions helps schools, colleges and universities to sustainably recycle or re-use old video projectors or audiovisual equipment. At the same time you are able to use the remaining value of the equipment for new acquisitions.
We offer an uncomplicated all-in-one service that makes coping with old, un-used audiovisual equipment easy for all educational institutions. Sometimes you simply need to make space and get rid of old equipment, while having to find funds for new acquisition although your budget is shrinking.
More and more educational institutions are using video projectors for teaching. Old devices are often stored in cellars or other places before they are brought somewhere for recycling - often in an ineffective, unorganized and time- and labour consuming way.

To make your inventory management easier, we will provide you quickly and easily with a list of all of your old systems, including their condition and residual value. You will also receive a recycling certificate that will help you when writing off the residual value.

We have already helped numerous educational institutions with our experience and services. Since 2009 several schools and universities in Germany and England have used our services to recycle audiovisual equipment in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

The younger generation is more and more committed to the protection of the environment. Educational institutions can set a good example.


Advantages for the educational sector

  • Higher budget for new acquisitions
  • Recycle old products in a environmentally friendly way
  • Get invested money back
  • More space
  • Give a good example


Our services - especially for educational institutions

  • Preparation of detailed valuation report for your obsolete audivisual equipment
  • We dismount the devices on your premises and take them with us
  • Objective and professional advice on purchase of new products
  • Sustainable recycling through longer life cycles
  • Documentation and reporting of recycling activities
  • Recycling certificate for every lot that is disposed of
  • We pay out the residual value of devices that are still working