Every year 500 000 projectors are simply thrown away in Germany alone. In normal household waste recycling centres the devices are "thermally utilized", i.e. shredded and burnt. Valuable raw materials are lost. rebeam refurbishes the products, they receive a second life and you receive cash!

Via our purchase platform you can send in your old projector - we pay for the shipping. We have a simple pricing system: you select one of the following categories "as new", "used", "partly defective", "faulty". After selecting your exact brand, model and condition you automatically receive an offer for your device. Our purchase prices are based on current market prices. Now you only need to select a date and UPS will pick up the parcel from your home. As soon as a parcel arrives, our technicians carefully check the product. If the short test phase is sucessful you receive your money within three days, depending on your chosen payment option.



  • Earn cash easily with used equipment
  • We buy almost all projector models on the market
  • No maximum number for purchases
  • No cost for shipping
  • Projectors are picked up from where you are
  • More space in your home
  • Give a new life to unwanted products and offer others a chance
  • Protect the environment and save natural ressources