rebeam generates value for yesterday´s products!
Refurbishment for used electronic devices.


Learn more about our various distribution channels for good, affordable used projectors. Whether home cinema or event projectors, in our shops on ebay, our own online shop or directly in Berlin: you will find what you are looking for.

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Our children are our future. At ever younger ages they learn how important it is to live in an intact environment. At the same time, more and more schools are able to use innovative media technologies to improve their classes. The question is - what to do with obsolete products? Educational institutions should give a good example and not store electronic products for years in the cellar.

Contact us: we will make you an offer for sustainable re-use and acquisition of new equipment.

Large Trade

Are you planning a Roll-out of your current equipment or an upgrade of some of your systems? Wether a whole container or just a single device - companies and institutions can trade-in their old equipment with rebeam. We generate for you the highest residual value for your equipment and help you to increase your capital for new investments. Ask us for our bid and we will directly pick up your equipment for re-use or recycling.

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With our Trade-In-Tool producers can offer their customers an attractive and environment-friendly way to recycle old products. In combination with a discount system this offers an additional incentive for the customer to upgrade earlier to the newest products without harming the environment. This boosts your sales and underlines your commitment to the environment.

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Our purchasing platform helps you to get rid of projectors you do not need anymore. Instead of storing old equipment, simply ask us for a quote. If you like it, the device will be picked up free of cost by UPS carbon neutral shipment.

Recycle your old projector, help actively to protect the environment and receive cash!

Repair service

rebeam hat sich seit Jahren auf die Reparatur und Wartung von Videoprojektoren spezialisiert.

Wir bieten für Sie folgende Serviceleistungen an:
Kostenvoranschlag für eine Beamer-Reparatur
(ohne anschließende Reinigung für 49€ erhältlich), Professioneller Beamer-Reparatur-Service, Professionelle Beamer-Reinigung, Professioneller Lampenwechsel

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Our aim is to give a second life to as many projectors as possible. This approach allows us to refurbish 85% of the projectors we receive: „3 become 2“. Parts that cannot be used as spare parts are transferred to one of our certified recycling partners.

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For every projector we receive we donate 5% of the purchase price to a charity that is active in the ecological or social field. We also offer our clients the possibility of selecting a donation associate and donating part of the purchase price.

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