Trade-In for producers

Exclusively for producers in the field of audiovisual technology we offer our online Trade-In Tool. This tool enables your to easily grant your customers discounts in return for the sale of their old equipment.

The perfect marketing tool for the projector market

Your customers will switch to the newest technologies faster and more frequently if they know that their old equipment will be recycled or re-used and, in addition, they receive a discount on their new products. Our purchasing program offers money for more than 6000 projector models. With our recycling program you can show that you take responsibility for the environment - more than legally required - at very little cost. This type of commitment improves your image among your customers as well as credibility and brand loyalty. A simple and customer friendly recycling strategy is as much part of a green IT company as climate neutral production.

We make trade-in easy – this is how your cooperation with rebeam works

  1. In cooperation with you, rebeam designs a customized trade-in and recycling program that is in tune with your branding guidelines
  2. Your customers can now visit your own, branded Trade-In website and receive free immediate quotes for the price we can pay for their used products.
  3. Your customers can immediately choose a timeframe for free of charge pick up by UPS
  4. rebeam checks the condition of the product and transfers the money to the customer according to the selected payment option or grants other discounts (e.g. lamp replacement)
  5. Your customers have more financial margin for the purchase of new products.
  6. rebeam takes care of re-use, recycling or an environmentally friendly disposal of old products.


Scope of services

Right now our service is available in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France. We will be happy to extend our service into other European countries.

Additional service: integrated donation option

For every projector we receive we donate 5% of the purchase price to a charity selected by the customer. In addition, the customer can donate 5-100% of the purchase price.

Your customers in the educational sector

Offer your educational sector customers an attractive way to responsibly recycle old audiovisual products and clear the way for your newest technologies and products. Contact us: we can make a bid for the roll-out of old products in cooperation with you.



Legislation & directives

European WEEE directive

The WEEE directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive) that was revised in 2012 says that producers of electric and electronic goods have to take back old products as part of their product responsibility and dispose of or recycle them adequately. This will be supervised more closely in the future. This directive applies to nearly all electric and electronic goods. The aim is to collect in the future (from 2016 on) at least 85% of all electronic waste in the EU. These measures are meant to oblige producers to extend their area of responsibility to integrate the whole life cycle of their products.

German Act on Lifecycle Management (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz)

According to §23 of this act "certain products shall be put into circulation only in a certain form that shows considerable advantages for waste management, especially in a form that permits reuse or that facilitates recycling". The possible obligation to take back products under §25 of this act is meant to make it more attractive for producers to construct products in a way that facilitates recycling.


Development and operation of all aspects of your trade-in tool.

  • Website development
  • Branding according to your CI directives
  • Customer service
  • Discount and purchase confirmation settlement
  • Data cleansing and asset tags
  • Logistics
  • Cooperation with certified recycling companies
  • Reporting

Your advantages at a glance

  • You strengthen your image as a environmentally responsible producer.
  • Your have more resources for your core business.
  • The fact that the sale and shipping of the old equipment are so simple is an incentive for your customers to change to new models earlier, as is the money increases the budget for new investments.
  • Unnecessary or obsolete electronic equipment is picked up and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.
  • We buy all projector models on the market.
  • You can reduce your cost for service, support and maintenance of older products and increase your sales.
  • We support you with customized promotion and discount campaigns in order to strategically and periodically dispose of stocks and generate a bigger cash flow.
  • Your customer receives an all-in-one solution for trade-in and recycling with an integrated option for donations.