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Are you a charity or an incorporated association with charitable status active in the fields of environmental protection or charity?
Then please send your application! After checking your data we will be glad to include you in our donation recipient list. This way our customers can select you to receive 5% of the purchase price of projectors sold via our website If the customer decides to donate between 5% and 100% of the price, this money will go to you as well. Our website is used mainly by customers that set high value on social and ecological sustainability. Use this potential to present your organization.

Please send your application to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our donation partners

BUND Berlin e. V.

BUND is an important German environmental NGO that is independent from any political party. BUND sees itself as the "Lobby of nature". The focus of their work is helping people to make connections between ecology and own behaviour, to develop a critical consciousness for ecological questions and to see how you can live your commitment in your daily life. The work of BUND Berlin concentrates on: climate protection and energy, city and regional planning, protection of rivers and lakes, mobility and traffic planning, waste management and environmental protection. Donations and membership fees make up almost 80 per cent of BUND of Berlin´s revenue and ensure its political independence. With about 15 000 members and supporters BUND Berlin is one of the largest NGOs in their field.
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KuB e. V.

The “Kontakt- und Beratungsstelle für Flüchtlinge und MigrantInnen e. V.” (Contact and counseling center for refugees and migrants) in Berlin-Kreuzberg, founded 1983 incorporated association with charitable status that has the aim of giving migrants and refugees from all over the world advice and help in questions of social law, foreigner´s law as well as in psychosocial and other questions. We believe that that everybody has a right to a save residence permit status as well as political, social and economic equality.
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Arche Metropolis

Arche Metropolis is a art project about the chances and development of urban society in the 21. century. This project, located on the former Berlin Airport of Tempelhof stationierte Projekt, was awarded the denomination of decade project „Education for sustainable development (2005-2014)“ by UNESCO and was awarded the „Werkstatt N“- quality label by the German Council for sustainable Development.
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We donate - help us!

Why do we always donate 5% of the purchase price to a donation partner?

We set high value by environmental protection and social sustainability. Apart from the fact that our professional activities help to protect the environment and preserve natural resources, we also want to support charitable or ecological projects. We believe that a successful company should not only care about economical but also about ecological and social profits. Our company can only exist because of the energy of other people - our customers and partners. We want to give on a bit of that energy to projects we believe in.

Our customers also have the opportunity to donate part of the price they receive. They can select a donation receiver and donate between 5% and 100% of their purchase price. Besides protecting nature´s resources by sending in their projector they can actively support ecological or social sustainability.

Cooperate with us and donate a part of the purchase price!